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A Few Words About the Firm

Brian Mier founded Mier Law PLLC on the belief that a small, experienced law firm with a focused practice is able to provide the most efficient, quality and cost effective legal services that clients require in today’s competitive marketplace.


Having worked at larger law firms through the peaks and valleys of the real estate business cycle, Brian understands that today’s businesses must have a constant eye on the bottom line and that inefficiently handled matters and excessive legal fees simply do not work for most companies in today’s business paradigm. Brian also understands that today’s businesses, perhaps now more than ever, must continue to demand only the highest quality legal services.


Mier Law has uniquely positioned itself to fill this void in legal representation today with top quality, knowledgeable and efficient representation at reasonable rates through its intelligent use of technology, low overhead and focus on a select client base. Mier Law attorneys also have the “big firm” experience required of its sophisticated business clients to get the deal done. We have found that our experience and unique approach to our practice contributes positively not only to the bottom line of the firm but to the bottom line of each of our clients as well.

Phone: (972) 619-6290Fax: (972) 619-6291Email: bmier@mierlaw.com